Gunsmith Vallejo

Chuck's Gunsmithing Price

1911 price list

Trigger job $150.00 plus parts

Rail job $80.00

Dovetails $75.00 per cut

Bushing fit to slide and barrel $75.00  plus parts

Ramp Barrel $70.00

Stock bushing repair $25.00 plus parts

Grip Safety Repairs $60.00 to $90.00 plus parts

Thumb safety repair $45.00 plus parts

Fit Barrel $80.00

Super tune $450.00 all the above less sights and machine time and parts

Crown barrel $65.00

Revolver price list

Trigger Jobs  $150.00 plus parts

Replace and fit new trigger   $75.00 plus parts

Replace and fit new hammer   $90.00 plus parts plus parts may require timing

Timing    $130.00

Chamber Cylinder for speed loader   $75.00

Head space  $50.00 Min. Call for quote

Radius forcing cone $65.00

Crown barrel $60.00

Red insert replaced $45.00

Cut for insert $35.00 machine time plus insert  $45.00

Rifle and Shotgun Price List

Drill receiver for scope  $35.00 per hole

Mount scope $75.00

Bore sight  $25.00

All the above $215.00 (Drill and Tap 4 holes)

Stock work refinishing crack repair Call for Quote

recoil pad install $70.00 plus parts

install and adjust new trigger $75.00 plus parts

Crown Barrel $60.00

Install Sights $75.00 plus drilling if required

Cerakote price list

Frame  $120.00

Slide $120.00

Frame and Slide  $220.00

Frame, Slide and Parts  $250.00

Revolver complete $220.00

Cylinder $80.00

Grips  $80.00

AR complete  Call for Quote

AR lower $125.00

AR upper $125.00

Barrel, Gas Tube and Block $120.00

AR Hand guard $125.00